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Think you’ve tried every way to be creative there is? Think again

“This isn’t a book that you pick up right before bed in order to help lull yourself to sleep. This is the sort of book you wake up early for

If you’re not the person bringing ideas to the table…

If you’re not the person bringing ideas to the table, somebody else will. Perhaps, but even if that’s true, the ideas somebody else shares won’t be the same as the

Small steps toward energizing your creativity

To think creatively requires more energy than our typical, behavioral mode of thinking. After a while, going about your regular day and doing mundane or routine tasks can become almost

Creativity is not a cure for the world

Albert Einstein once asserted: “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” Steve Jobs famously quoted a phrase from the back cover of the once popular The Whole

Bridging the gap between valuable and novel in ideas

It’s easy to confuse unique or valuable ideas for good ones, but the truth is that the very best ideas must be some combination of the two.The printing press wasn’t

Why organize your ideas, and how to do it

Just as important as the process you use for developing ideas is the process you use for organizing them. Idea organization matters on many different levels: from getting your ideas

The mental states that make meditation help or hinder creative thinking

I’ve always said that when it comes to improving your creativity, it’s not enough to simply read advice columns or books on the subject, but rather: you must find what

Ideas from your personal adjacent possible

What you can do with one thing is limited, but add one thing to another and you multiple the possibilities. Add yet another thing to those and the possibilities multiply

Creativity as understanding or exploration

When we talk about what it means to be creative, we start at a foundation of originality. But creative ideas are rarely as original as we would hope they might

The most valuable ideas are the ones that get shared

You don’t have to share all the work you do. You can write without an audience. You can build without a customer. You can imagine, ruminate, and tinker, and do